Many Envision Physician Services team members share a commitment to helping their local communities in ways beyond providing high-quality patient care. As part of our ongoing initiative to engage clinicians and staff, we are providing opportunities for teams to participate in social and community-focused events. Clinicians and staff representing four Envision Physician Services specialties at Plantation General Hospital recently volunteered on a project everyone could support – giving back to families in need through their local Habitat for Humanity.


Fourteen clinicians and operations staff spent five hours performing tasks such as working on the roof and painting and framing the interior of a house with Habitat for Humanity. The team included:

  • Asha Padmanabhan, M.D.
  • Xiu Ling Liu, M.D.
  • Imad Istiban, M.D.
  • Mitchell Stern, M.D.
  • Ian Jeffries, M.D.
  • Marc Bedrin, M.D.
  • Marco Gonzalez, M.D.
  • Richard Auerbach, M.D.
  • Kathyrn Clark, CRNA
  • Tamara Bledsoe, NNP
  • Beckett Perkins, NNP
  • Jessy Tharakan, NNP
  • Danielle Webb, Practice Manager
  • Lorena Pantoja, Practice Manager


The volunteers met and worked alongside the local family who will call the house a home.


The volunteer effort was led by Dr. Auerbach, President, Women’s and Children’s Services. Dr. Auerbach stated the event was “a fantastic opportunity to better know our colleagues and have fun as we made a substantive difference for a well-deserving local family.”