For new medical school graduates, the many choices involved in a career trajectory can be overwhelming. From scheduling and caseload to work-life balance and compensation models, new radiologists must navigate factors that will shape their lives and careers for years to come.

Glenn Kaplan, M.D., Vice President of Distributed Radiology Services for Envision Physician Services, urges new radiologists to figure out what they want before they begin applying to jobs. In a recent address to medical students at Washington University’s St. Louis School of Medicine, Dr. Kaplan provided insight into what to expect after graduation and advice for transitioning into radiology practice full time. In addition, Dr. Kaplan explained Envision Physician Services’ various clinical options and stressed considerations such as the type of practice, location, lifestyle and compensation.

“Moonlight as early and as often as you can, especially during fellowship to keep your general radiology knowledge fresh. Your first six months to one year are a transition, and it will take time to come up to speed.” Dr. Kaplan counseled physicians saying, “Know what you are getting yourself into in terms of culture, caseload and geography. If you have a geographic goal, start the licensing process ASAP.”

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