Leadership Q&A: Envision Physician Services Celebrates National Doctors’ Day

In celebration of National Doctors' Day, March 30, I interviewed my colleagues, Gilbert Drozdow, M.D., MBA, President and Chief Clinical Officer of Envision's Anesthesia, Radiology, Surgical and Women's and Children's Services, and Rebecca Parker, M.D., FACEP, Chief Medical Affairs Officer.

Below, we discuss how Envision is dedicated to supporting clinicians and why it's important that we recognize and highlight the crucial role they play – in both Envision and the healthcare profession.

- Doug Smith, M.D., FACEP, President and Chief Clinical Officer of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine and Critical Care Services 

Q: Why is it important to recognize physicians on Doctors' Day and beyond?

Dr. Parker: It's important to pause and recognize our contributions as physicians. Being a physician is really a calling. It's significant to take on that level of education, responsibility and continued education. I want to say to our doctors:

“Thank you so much for all you do every day. Thank you for caring for people in need and thank you for being leaders on the ground. Take a moment to pause and reflect on your own journey. We are so grateful that you are with us.”

Q: Can you speak to some of the key ways Envision supports clinicians so that they can provide the highest quality of care? 

Dr. Drozdow: It's very hard for an individual clinician or small practice to thrive in today's healthcare system. Envision is one of the largest physician groups in the U.S. We have expansive infrastructure that takes care of all of the background work for clinicians. This includes things like enrollment, credentialing, revenue cycle management, legal services, human resources management support and a myriad of functions necessary to support a clinician. With this infrastructure, we enable clinicians to focus on treating patients and making sure they have a good work-life balance. Additionally, we are committed to assisting and supporting clinicians with clinical research and in their career path and personal development through our leadership programs.

Dr. Parker: A real benefit of working at Envision is the stability of our organization. We have been around for many years, and that longevity makes a difference. Practices are managed locally, and Envision provides local leadership support for daily success. In our emergency medicine and hospital medicine service lines, we have nursing liaisons available to support the clinicians. This is pretty unique. 

Q: Envision is a physician-led company. Can you tell us why this makes a difference?

Dr. Parker: This organization was founded by physicians. Physicians will always have a seat at the table, and clinicians are represented in every aspect of leadership, up to the most senior level. 

Dr. Drozdow: I echo Dr. Parker's statement. We make sure that the clinician voice is present and integrated into all aspects of the enterprise. We have a clinician leader connected all the way from the site medical director, onward and upward – all the way up to the top. We have business partners who support our clinicians, and we are proud of that model. We are invested in making sure the company never feels like it's getting "remote" from where the care is being delivered. 

Q: Providing high-quality care can go beyond face-to-face patient interactions. What are some of the other ways Envision helps physicians fight for patients every day?

Dr. Drozdow: We are committed to ensuring that we are doing all we can do to put patients first in every way. At the same time, our physician advocates are out at the state and national levels working with legislators to fight for patient rights. Smaller groups and individual clinicians join larger organizations to ensure that their voices are heard in regulatory and policy decisions to protect our patient relationships. Our clinicians similarly benefit through their consolidation under the Envision banner.  

On behalf of the Envision Leadership Team, please join us in celebrating National Doctors' Day. We are proud of and thank our physicians and clinicians for all that they do to care for patients and the communities we serve.

Thank you,

Dr. Smith, Dr. Drozdow, Dr. Parker and the Envision Leadership Team

Dr. Smith
Doug Smith, M.D., FACEP
President and Chief Clinical Officer of Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine and Critical Care Services 

Dr. Drozdow
Gilbert Drozdow, M.D., MBA
President and Chief Clinical Officer of Envision's Anesthesia, Radiology, Surgical and Women's and Children's Services

Dr. Parker
Rebecca Parker, M.D., FACEP
Chief Medical Affairs Officer