The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) announced to nearly 1,000 attendees at its 2018 Global Site Solutions Summit that Envision Physician Clinical Research won the 2018 Global Site Tank Award, an award that recognizes a research site for creating innovative technology solutions for clinical research. Three finalists were chosen by an independent judging panel to present their innovation at the Global Site Solutions Summit held Oct. 11-14 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Claudia Gomes, Clinical Research and Scientific Intelligence Director, who was representing Envision’s clinical research department, received the award for the group’s innovative dashboard, which tracks clinical trial activity across our many facilities and ensures research billing compliance.

“The dashboard helps organize our clinicians and entities involved in different clinical studies,” Gomes said. “In the future, we want to have this interactive tool online on our research page where everyone can use the dashboard as a visual to see real-time metrics. How many studies are we doing? Who are the clinicians involved and at which facilities? This dashboard helps us keep track of this information.”

The Site Tank Award relies upon judges’ questions and the audience to select a winner with the most innovative and impactful technology solutions for clinical research. When assessing each presentation, judges looked for technology concepts designed to enhance, empower and improve the clinical research industry. Chattanooga Medical Research also took home a SCRS award this year – the Patient Recruitment Innovation Achievement (SPRIA) Award.

“Participation in SPRIA and Site Tank is an opportunity for site excellence to be recognized by a large group of clinical research stakeholders who have come together to affect change,” said the late SCRS president Christine Pierre. “We are inspired by the innovation displayed by all who submitted recruitment and technology plans for SPRIA and Site Tank consideration. Congratulations to Chattanooga Medical Research and Envision Physician Clinical Research.”