Yashodeep Jadhav, M.D., Chairman of Radiology at Naples Community Hospital, treats patients both locally and internationally through the Swinfen Charitable Trust Humanitarian Telemed System. The global organization serves as a remote resource for treating sick and disabled patients in disadvantaged countries. Dr. Jadhav provides consults through telemedicine in countries like Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan and China.
“The trust has an online network, and they’ll send me cases with MRI or CT scans – mostly from underprivileged countries,” Dr. Jadhav said. “I formulate an opinion and possible diagnosis, and we move forward from there.”
Since neuroradiology is Dr. Jadhav’s specialty, he typically reads brain and spine scans for the internists treating the patients. After assessing the scans, he suggests possible diagnoses or asks for more imaging. He sees many critical cases because patients in certain countries do not have access to regular medical care.
“We are very privileged here at our practices, and there are scores and scores of people who have so few resources,” Dr. Jadhav said. “It is our responsibility to give back to the neediest populations in the world.”